The MOTIV 100% Challenge

The MOTIV 100% Challenge is simple. We challenge pupils to get to school on time, every day. They receive exclusively designed badges at each half-term if they do so, and if they complete a full term every pupil receives a reward tailored to their year group and their school.

We operate the Challenge on two levels: 100% attendance and 100% effort for attendance. This dual approach celebrates the achievements of everyone, from hard-working, responsible pupils to those who make a significant effort to improve their attendance record. Pupils appreciate this system; for them, it feels fair – and that motivates them.

The MOTIV 100% Challenge isn’t easy, but it is rewarding. Pupils learn valuable skills that will serve them well both at school and beyond.

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Coronation Street’s Fiz (aka Jennie McAlpine) gives out badges and rewards to pupils from Lily Lane Primary School in Manchester as a part of The 100% Challenge

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Oldham headteacher Julian Rogers discusses the impact of The 100% Challenge in his school

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