Leading children’s brands join the MOTIV scheme to tackle worryingly high truancy levels across Britain

Leading Children’s brands Top Trumps, Crayola and LEGOLAND Discovery Centre® are supporting a national attendance drive to combat poor attendance attitudes in primary schools.

The scheme has been devised by Social Enterprise MOTIV CIC who over the last four years have made significant improvements in school attendance levels (figures below), working with local authorities. MOTIV will now be rolling out the scheme directly to primary schools nationwide.

Last month the government released figures revealing that ‘truancy’ has reached an all new high in primary schools across the UK with 450,000 pupils (7.2%) missing a month of lessons a year and more than a million pupils (16.4%) missing half a day or more of school a week.

The impact of which can be life-changing . Extensive research demonstrates a clear link between bad habits that form in primary schools leading to poor exam results, poor social skills and significantly reduced future life opportunities.

Founding Director of Social Enterprise MOTIV CIC Rose Marley commented “These figures are alarming and demonstrate how it has become culturally acceptable to skip school on a weekly basis creating a long-term, detrimental effect on a child’s future life chances. That’s why we’re making our alliance with top children’s brands available nationally – an incredibly effective  way to affect changes in culture is through popular culture and the MOTIV 100% challenge has proved this with significant results in the schools we have worked with for the last four years”

The MOTIV 100% Challenge is based on effort and excellence, pupils earn exclusively designed badges at each half-term, and if they complete a full term every pupil earns a reward tailored to their year group. Rewards include for example Top Trumps, Crayola packs and  LEGO collectable keyrings dependent on which scheme is operating in the school.

Fiona Hortopp, Director of Winning Moves, the makers of Top Trumps, commented “We have supported MOTIV with subsidized access to our packs for several years and the results MOTIV produce in schools are quite amazing. Top Trumps is seen by children as a cool brand that features the world’s hottest licenses  – by giving Top Trumps as a reward for excellent attendance this helps MOTIV encourage this attitude as desirable. MOTIV also provide a range of school resources to communicate the long-term message in a way the pupils respond to so that they focus on the ultimate goal to achieve a good education”

Lyndsey Colman, assistant headteacher at Wistaston Green Primary School in Crewe, said The MOTIV 100% Challenge has been a  great success in our school. During the first 6 weeks of this year our attendance has improved by almost 5%.  The posters around school and the materials provided to support the scheme are fantastic and raise the profile of attendance consistently throughout the week”

The MOTIV 100% Challenge for attendance is currently operating in fifty schools across the UK but is being made available nationally through the support of Top Trumps, Crayola and LEGOLAND Discovery Centre. The challenge operates through a system of exclusive badges and rewards specifically aimed at improving school attendance and are supported by a proven formula for success which includes school resources and action plans provided for the school. Schools have a choice of working with the three brands across the school year and for as little as £1.50 per pupil per term school attendance improvements can be significant.

For more information please contact MOTIV on 0161 282 8380 or email support@motiv.org.uk